After a stint as the Director of Science and Research for Epoch Innovations in San Francisco, I have recently left Epoch in search of new ventures in the emerging realm of cognitive- and neuro-technology. Before Epoch, I was a Research Computer Scientist at HRL Laboratories (formerly Hughes Research Labs (the advanced research wing of Hughes Aircraft)) in Malibu, CA. At HRL, I raised and managed almost $2M of advanced R&D funding which centered around applying principles from cognitive neuroscience to cutting-edge technologies for corporate aerospace companies like Boeing and Raytheon, the US Navy, and the Department of Defense (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). One of my favorite projects was adapting theoretical models of human decision making and reasoning into computational models for intelligent software agents (aka artificial intelligence) which turned out to be an integral part of several efforts including DARPA's Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing program.

My appreciation of the importance of cognitive systems stems from my doctorate and masters in Cognitive Psychology from UCLA (as well as a B.S. in Psychobiology), in which I combined classical psychometric measures of behavior with modern techniques for imaging human brain activity to study cortical plasticity resulting from learning. And while my industry experience has honed my expertise in all phases of R&D from idea generation and fund raising to development and testing, I am a generalist at heart--- I have diverse experience in systems-level neuroscience, human-centered software design, dynamic informatics, empirical user studies, functional neuroimaging, classical perceptual psychophysics, virtual- and augmented-reality multimodal interaction systems, and the development of artificial cognitive agents. My other interests include bonsai, surfing and snowboarding (all board sports, really), dog training, fly fishing, volleyball, poker, and when I'm in shape, ultimate (frisbee) and hockey. More detailed descriptions of my professional and academic pursuits can be found in my resume and my curriculum vitae, which will be updated soon.

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Abbreviated Vitae (updated May 2005)
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